Canoe tours for the company excursion

If everyone is tackling, things are moving faster. If the team spirit is right, the team experiences great things together. Much that applies to canoe tours can also be applied to everyday professional life-and vice versa.

The paddling together welds together. When canoeing, you get to know your colleagues from a whole new page. For companies whose company outing Berlin has as its destination, our guided canoe tours are therefore very popular.

Company outing by canoe

From boss to apprentice

During the company outing in Berlin, everyone grabs the paddle

lift the paddle up

Company outings usually have two goals: On the one hand, the activities should be fun for everyone, and on the other hand, it is important to strengthen the cohesion of the team . Our guided canoe tours in Berlin meet these requirements.

If you are paddling on the Spree or the other watercourses of the city, you will discover the capital from a completely different perspective than, for example, a tourist bus.

When paddling, no one is a passenger. Everyone is helping to advance the canoe. In such an excursion, the team has joint experiencesthat strengthen the team spirit in the long term. After returning to the office, you can look back on an extraordinary experience together.

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The most important questions and answers

For company excursion we recommend the tour Wind of Change. Paddling we circle the picturesque old town of Köpenick, where many buildings from the imperial era can still be seen. This part of Berlin was largely spared during the Second World War.

Because we travel with a 10-man canoe , the “Green Southeast”tour is perfect for larger groups. Sitting in each canoe are up to ten paddlers and a helmsman who takes over steering with a large paddle.

Naturally! No prior knowledge is required for the canoe tour. Before we get into the canoe, there is a theoretical crash course for all participants. Safety is our top priority, so of course all participants are equipped with life jackets .

Once the canoe has picked up speed, many will be amazed at the ease with which you glide across the water. If the team spirit is right, a ten-channel reaches a speed of 7 to 15 km/h. Perhaps one or the other will get the taste during the guided canoe tour and discover a new hobby on this company outing.

Yes! No question, paddling makes you hungry. For groups booking the “Green Southeast” tour, we are therefore happy to organise a BBQafterwards. The start and end point of the tour is located near a barbecue areadirectly on the waterfront.

At the BBQ, delicious meat specialities (e.g. steaks, Thuringian sausages) come to the grill. If some colleagues are vegetarians, that’s not a problem at all. We also grill zucchini, along with mixed salads, breads and zaziki. You can find out more about our food offer here.

The canoe tour costs 25 euros per person and for the BBQ afterwards we charge 34.90 euros per person. For groups under 20 people, the BBQ is subject to a minimum price of 698 euros.