Stag party in Berlin

A canoe tour as ‘ last big party ‘ before wedding

Before men and women reach the “port of marriage,” they want to celebrate their bachelor’s existence. What could be better than a canoe tour in Berlin to spend the bachelor’s party with friends?

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A canoe tour through Berlin – sport, fun and a good mood

While the wedding preparations are in full swing, the closest friends are busy planning the perfect bachelorette party. Party games, pub crawls, barbecues or adventurous hikes are just as popular as relaxing spa weekends, so couples can escape the stress of preparation for a short time.

The last event before the actual wedding, however, should be something very special, something that will be remembered forever. A canoe tour through Berlin is ideal in this regard, to savor the last hours of Singledaseins to the fullest. If you’re planning a bachelor party in Berlin, then you have all the doors to make the party a unique experience. Of course, the celebration does not take place together, so that the bride and groom can enjoy themselves separately.

A canoe tour through Berlin?

Junggesellenabschied beim Kanufahren

Berlin, capital and one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Germany, is the ideal place for a successful stag party. The cosmopolitan city is a motley mix of sensational sights and bustling shopping streets, complemented by fertile greenery and picturesque water landscapes.

The most popular river is the Spree, which leads past world-famous sights and beautiful shore landscapes.

Canoeing through Berlin is not only a brilliant idea for a successful stag party, but also a welcome change to get to know the capital from a different angle. Just let the houses pass by, enjoy the wonderful summer weather and a final BBQ – there is probably nothing better than spending the bachelor party in Berlin.

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Sprees and tributaries offer numerous variants of eventful canoe tours through Berlin, which make you forget any wedding stress. Especially recommended is the route “Green Southeast,” on which the fashionable buildings of the Berlin district of Köpenick, which are considered architectural remnants of the old imperial period, are circumnavigated.

In addition to Köpenicker’s old town, which is filled with beautiful 18th century buildings, the Baumgarten Island, which has turned into a peaceful small garden settlement, is also being approached.

Whether you are a beginner or a paddle professional, the canoe tours are for anyone who wants to discover Berlin from the water and experience an unforgettable bachelor party in Berlin.

Special prior knowledge is not required when paddling, as the technique is easy to learn. The canoes can accommodate ten people, which is why the “Green Southeast”tour is especially suitable for larger groups. Add to that a helmsman who manoeuvrates the boat through the canals of Berlin.

The highlight of the paddle tour “Green Southeast” is a tasty BBQ in the immediate vicinity of the shore. Juicy steaks, spicy sausages and vegetarian vegetable variations served with cool drinks are grilled. The side dish is crisp salads, crispy loaves and hearty zaziki to satisfy the small and large hunger.

To ensure that the BBQ is considered the culmination of a sociable bachelor party in Berlin, Bose ‘s wireless Bluetooth Box provides pure entertainment. With powerful speakers and state-of-the-art technology, the favorite tracks can be played at the highest level to create real party atmosphere.

The tour costs EUR 25.00 per person, with a further €34.90 added for the BBQ. If no more than 20 people take part in the bachelor party in Berlin, the BBQ will be credited with a lump sum of 698.00 euros.